Have you tried to build your own workout plan and have yet to see the results you are looking for?

Do you feeling defeated when your workout program doesn't wield the results you had in your mind?

Have you been through Paleo, Keto, Low Carbs, No Carbs, Low Fat, and Juice Cleanses without keeping off any weight in the long run?

Do you read every fitness magazine on the shelf and feel confused about which style of working out fits your fitness goals the best?

If you hired an in person trainer, you have to work your schedule around another professional schedule as well. Anyone in the business world knows how much of a NIGHTMARE this could be. Also, let's just be honest, Training in person with a trainer can get expensive.

I know you’re busy. I also know you work hard for your money and want to get the most bang for your buck.

Online training gives you the ability to reach your fitness goals while working around your life schedule.

Personal training is still personal whether online or in-person, and Supreme Fit wants to help you in this fitness journey!

With these programs you will never have to think about what your workout needs to be again. We do all the thinking for you, which allows you to focus your energy on just producing and achieving your goals!


This package contains a workout program. The workout program will be tweaked every month to fit your fitness goals and allow you to continue towards achieving greatness. In this package you will have email support with a certified trainer to help you with any questions.

This package is $25 every TWO weeks. Sign up below



This package includes a fitness program, a superfood checklist and a guide to portion control for your meals. Each month your program will be tweaked to continue you down the path of success and you will be matched with a certified trainer to help answer any questions you have through email.

This package also includes 1 Skype call per month to allow you as our member to speak with your trainer about any and all concern involving your programs.


This package is $49.50 every TWO weeks. Sign up below


This program is the Macdaddy of them all! This program includes:

  1. Fitness Program
  2. Superfood Checklist
  3. Portion Control Guide
  4. Sample meals and Shakes
  5. Bi-Weekly Support
  6. Daily Tips/ Motivational Quotes

All fitness programs are catered towards each individual and their personal fitness goals.

This package is $99.50 every TWO weeks. Sign up below