Why Cat-Cow Should Be Done Every Single Day

Only in yoga can a cat and a cow come together to create some blissful harmony! They remind me of another creation I was really fond of as a child......


Ok before I start singing the theme song let me explain the CAT-COW Yoga Pose.


The cat-cow combination pose, aka Marjariasana, is a very common sequence in yoga, allowing you to focus on movement with breath, which is essential in yoga, to calm you down and help you relax.


Why the Cat-Cow Is Good For You

The Cat-Cow is a great yoga pose for beginners and a good exercise to ease back, shoulder and neck pain and revitalize the spine by loosening the muscles. It also increases the flexibility in those areas.  With how much time we spend at computers, this move is VITAL!


The slow arch of the cow stretches your neck and the front of your torso, while the curve of the cat helps to relieve stress by lengthening the spine and improving the circulation to the discs between the vertebrae. Your abdominal organs will also be massaged, stimulating both digestive and reproductive systems in your body.


Women will gain extra treats from this pose as it’s been used to relieve menstrual cramps and is usually included in prenatal yoga classes!


As the pose promotes deep relaxation and deep breathing, the cat-cow stretch is great to practice before bedtime, engaging you in a physical chant through its simple but rhythmic sequence.



Getting Into the Cat-Cow Pose

I can hear you through the computer now, " Just get to the explanation!"




Don’t worry I have you covered, well not me particularly but one of Supreme Fit’s online clients! I like to call her “Wonder Woman”; you can call her “Ms. Yogi”


Check out this video below with step by step instruction on how to complete the movement!





The cat-cow sequence is usually repeated several times to rake in the best of its benefits. As gentle as this pose may be, it is not recommended for people with back injuries. For those who have neck injuries or a serious neck problem, align your head with your back instead of turning it upwards as you are doing the cow.


See how simple that move was? You can add this move each day to either your morning routine or right before you jump into bed to lead yourself down a healthier path!


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