Brussel Sprouts Can Keep You Healthy During The Holidays


Brussel Sprouts are a powerhouse of goodness. Browse any literature on this cruciferous vegetable and you will likely find mention of its use for cancer prevention. Brussel Sprouts can positively influence your body’s detoxification system, antioxidants system, and inflammatory system.

When selecting your sprouts, look for firm, evenly shaped bulbs that are bright green in color. Selecting sprouts of similar size ensures that they will cook more evenly. Avoid puffy sprouts with loose, yellowed leaves.


Once you have your material, you will need a recipe. WELL we got you covered and its REALLY SIMPLE!!!


But first..let's get my favorite chef in here to show you how I work in the kitchen...

Ok Ok Ok look how simple it is to make this powerhouse.


1.       Preheat over to 400F

2.       Wash brussels sprouts and peel away any loose, yellowed, or damaged outer leaves. Slice off the bottom stubs of sprouts and cut them in half lengthwise.

3.       Steam sprouts for 5-10 minutes by boiling them in an inch of water.