Can You Still Build Muscle and Be a Vegan?

Can You Still Build Muscle and Be a Vegan?

Written by Danuta J. Detyna

Do you still think that to build muscle mass you need to gorge on meat?


Sure, you do need protein to be strong but you can rely only on plant protein to reach your fitness goals. There are plenty vegan bodybuilders out there who prove you don’t need meat or even dairy to be strong. But to get and stay strong on a vegan diet you do need to focus on your supplementation as being vegan can cause some serious nutritional deficiencies.


According to an article in The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, vegans are at risk of consuming not enough vitamins B12 and D, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. That’s why if you decide to go vegan, you should definitely consider supplementing the micronutrients mentioned above.The levels of zinc and iron should also be monitored as these minerals have a limited bioavailability. Iron is especially tricky as iron from vegan sources is tougher to absorb that the iron found in animal sources. That’s why you should combine iron-rich meals with some vitamin C sources to up your iron absorption.


When it comes to the non-essential nutrients, creatine also deserves to be focused on as its main natural sources are meat and fish and there are no plant foods containing it. Creatine is produced by the liver but vegans have significantly lower creatine levels in their muscles than non-vegans. Supplementing creatine is crucial not only for building muscle mass and strength but also for the proper functioning of the brain.


And last but not least - protein. Relying only on plant-based protein may sometimes be difficult especially for athletes. That’s why besides maintaining a diet rich in nuts, seeds, and beans, it’s often worth to opt for supplementing with protein powder too.


As you can see, being vegan is not an obstacle to becoming strong and ripped, you just need to take special care about some key nutrients! If you are looking for a specialized SUPERFOOD CHECKLIST, reach out to us below and we will contact you ASAP!